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 CB Rules (Chat Box)

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PostSubject: CB Rules (Chat Box)   Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:06 am

The CB is used for talking to people and not cursing
Here are the rules:

1) If ANY admins see any sort or curse word we will kick you off the CB(chat box).
2) If ANY admins see it again your IP address will be ban.
3) If ANY admins see any kind of sexual things off!
4) Be respectful to all people :D
5)You can verbally say you hurt somebody in the chatbox but don't do it for no reason and don't do it nonsequentially and if the person you hurting is telling you not to, some people have some bad days sometimes.

Xarin: 4 = 5

Just be respectful, the Chatbox is a form of communication ... not some random toy for a$$es to screw around with.

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CB Rules (Chat Box)
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