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 "I abide by the rules ... mein rules, that is" - Xarin

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PostSubject: "I abide by the rules ... mein rules, that is" - Xarin   Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:12 am

Seeking a member position of the Organization, specifically leader ... but I won't complain if I do not receive that.

Anagram/Coded Name -Xarin
Name(Modified with 'X'): RainX
True Name(As Human): Rayne

Why you want the elite spot: A elite spot grants jurisdiction over those of the same race, group, or even faction. The higher the spot, the better rights that one will have to be able to mandate the restrictions per group ... and the punishments that must be dealt out. With status, comes rank, with rank comes renown, with renown comes acknowledgment, with acknowledgement comes either A) Respect or B) Fear. And with either, comes a partial influence over the pitiful, unstable psyches of the filthy individuals who are the 'enemy'.

Need I go on?

Why you think you should have it:
It is not why I should have it, ultimately ... it is up to the decision of those who will be judging me to determine my worth to my respective organization. Why should I think I should have it? It is not my eventual decision to determine whether or not I get it. But if I must answer, without any more riddles, then I would say this:

I would LIKE to have it, not that I think I SHOULD have it. But I seek to have it as I plan on being a beneficial asset to the one of the most kick-donkey conglomerate of unique mentally deprived(in some manner) individuals since 'Shinra Corp'(Oh the sarcasm, who doesn't love it?).

But, honestly, I think I would be up to par with other elites and be a useful ally to the other members of this group ... and a lethal enemy to those who oppose this 'Order'.

Und finally,(No, that is not an accidental typo, it is the phonetic spelling of the word 'and' out of the developed vocal cords of a person from a central/northern European country responsible for the mass murder of of a group of people who have, in the history of the European landmass and continent, been a rights and land-depraved people until after this massive war caused by said country in which the U.N. decided to make amends for ... pissing off Iran in the process. See? Who says you can't learn things on internet forums?),

as described in my Bio of my application, I am a former Organization member who sought to revive it after the humiliating defeat at the hands of the keybladers. It would be within the nature of someone who has had the satisfying and glorious vantage point that an elite position would offer to seek out for it again. Thus, I, as the character not the member, believe (again in-character) that I would deserve any position for:
A) Pre-Forum efforts against the original keybladers.
B) Being responsible for the reformation of the shattered and crushed organization.
C) Masterful skills in the art of war, developed over a vast period of time.

RP sample:

Pitch-Black. Cold. Sopping ... wet. Rain, at the dead hours of night. How funny that the very thing that was his namesake could drive him mad so.

Xarin, though robed in his former century old outfit that was the universal symbol of the 'Thirteenth Order' and thus looking quite imposing, bitterly growled to himself as the endless pit-patter of raindrops landed on his hood. As much as he loved the cool spray of the water from each impact that the droplets made, and enjoyed leisurely strolls in such weather ... it didn't help his mood at all. He was not satisfied with being stuck with menial jobs, such as collecting hearts. For Deus's sake! He helped remake the world that his very kind lived on! And now, with seemingly simple genial and complacent servitude to those of the organization, he carried out their simplest whims at every beck and call.

"Sickening. To see my efforts be wasted by scum such as they ... but it will not all be for naught. Never! I will NOT see to the self-destruction of the Organization a second time!" he fumed, his hallowed body recalling the small bursts of rage that had been from his heart during human life. But alas, he was a nobody. Devoid of a heart, and thus could never feel rage ... hatred ... shame. Even though he was an empowered nobody, a non-existent being who tracked down their own heartless and devoured whatever remnants of their own heart still existed, ... he was still devoid of true emotions. He could not remember what 'anger' really was.

Because of his incomplete absorption of his heart, he, much like the average nobody, wishes to restore and then regain it, no matter how much suffering(either on his part of an innocent's) it would take to do so. Even if it meant imploding Kingdom Hearts itself to do so, he would gladly do it ... to steal back his heart, and forever feel the ever-constant ire that resonated from it.

But now, he had no choice but to obey ... obey those who deemed themselves superior to him.

"At least today isn't so bad," he muttered in apathetic, dry tone ... one that stood against the constant splattering of the rain, which already formed several puddles. "I get to collect hearts, oh goody. If only one of them could be mine. Ah pity ... I envy and pity you heartless. You who are the manifestation of the darkness in the heart ... who are, in essence the heart itself. Shame that your lives must end to give way to a greater reason."

His voice was calm and controlled, a steely and cold voice that echoed out with a harsh, yet clear tone in the constant shearing-like noise of the rain. His eyes, from beneath the dark void that was cast over his face, glared out with primal hunger ... a monster seeking out a luscious meal ... and that meal was here. Simple Shadows had spawned from the ground, their instinct driving them to attack the nobody that stood there, cloaked and hooded. And with there odd shaped claws, they leapt forward with surprising agility, intending to slice the 'human' flesh.

"Pity. Oh, pity." the nobody responded in a falsely cheery voice, even humming a little ... an unusual habit his body had whenever a fight commenced. No longer did he seem to be an emotionless fellow, though all it was was a ruse presented in desperate envy of those who could do such. He must've been quite the psycho-maniac during his human life. And with only a few seconds remaining before the claw of the foremost Shadow about to pierce his face, he calmly spoke out, in a soft yet commanding voice ... as though gently ordering a friend to cease whatever nonsense they were doing.

"Mold ... Katana." And at once, black strings sprung to life. Metal wires attached to his arms, spawned of the darkness and void, came to and being to merge. Wire welded upon wire, over and over ... until shape and form was realized. A hilt, a guard, a blade ... bit by bit, these were filled in. The hollow frames of the weapon were patched up, until at last, the sword was made. A slash as well, was made, and the heartless, if it could speak, would have screeched in pain before miserably fading into a luminescent sphere ... that was instantly swallowed by the Void, to be sent and stashed away for future purposes than return to Kingdom Hearts.

"To think that we are to repeat our predecessor's plan and ideals ... ah well, that's why the call life a 'cycle'. Pity for me, though ... one down, 4999 more to go. 4999 ... talk about overtime" he sighed in fake irritability. And with that, he spoke no more.

Mowing down the darkness before him, he butchered for as long as he could ... reaping and sowing heart after heart ... taking false joy from the slaughter. His concerns evaporated, as his mental abilities were more focused on elemental issues. The thunderstorm and its rain were a bonus, as Xarin found it easier to call down lightning from the heavens and incinerate fields of Shadows, Soldiers, and the occasional Neo-Shadow. The liquid upon the ground and the air conducting the electrical flow, so as to wipe out multiple targets. But it would go on, past the quota of 5000 that was necessary, as Xarin, scarred by the war and thus remembering his hate, gleefully unleashed the remnants of his human emotions in the most violent manner he could think of. The storm did not cease until his wrath had subsided.
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PostSubject: Re: "I abide by the rules ... mein rules, that is" - Xarin   Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:37 am

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"I abide by the rules ... mein rules, that is" - Xarin
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