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 Weps Keyblade Finished

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PostSubject: Weps Keyblade Finished   Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:23 pm

Name: Cerbrus
Appearance: Like a normal keyblade but the the key heads will have dog heads
Abilities/Powers: Each dog head has a power that can be used to open a gate when all three are opend he can use Cerbrus Wrath
Attribute: Fire
Techniques with: Fist head: The fist dog head will open up and bark firing out a blast of fire at a target. 3 blasts per post
Second head: The second head opens up and barks and acts like a flame thrower flames shooting out to 7 feet. After use has 3 posts to recharge.
Third head: Cerbrus wrath: This is the most powerfull and dangerous of the three, it is a double edge sword, it fires out an intense and huge fire ball but after use the three heads seal up and can't be used for 5 posts and this can only be used once per topic,
Background: Will be found after a battle with three fire type monsters and then Cerbrus.
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Weps Keyblade Finished
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