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 Nyxhops, morphogenic gladiator

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PostSubject: Nyxhops, morphogenic gladiator   Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:50 am

Name: nyxhops

Age: ??

Gender: assumed male

Appearance: see attached picture

Personality: rarely talks, stands as a recluse. He knows he is different from others. While they may enjoy the memories of their somebody, his memories of that age are stepped in blood amid human cruelty. But the never ending search for the truth never told is his only motivation.

Bio: little is known of who he was before his involvement with the Hypnos program. The remnants of his body were found and consumed by heartless, becoming twisted by the tyrant virus regenerating lost in the void. His mind was left blank and malleable, but old instinct never far away. Created without a true purpose, the experiment of man playing god with human lives. He stands as an apex predator, a body of evolutionary changes. No longer human, he was raised to the level of tyrant. With no mission and no programming free to move as he pleases.

Alignment: chaotic neutral
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Nyxhops, morphogenic gladiator
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