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 The New Order

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PostSubject: The New Order   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:48 pm

The New Order, hereby called as TNO, are the “Alternate admins.” These People are as follows:

Leader of the group: Z the keyblade wielder
Second in command: Jack
Third in command: Marluxia

These people have organized TNO, therefore are the three leaders. We have no powers to control the forum in anyway, (besides Jack, I think. I'm not sure if he's still a moderator) and therefore will need cooperation by everyone who is on, including the leaders themselves, and the people who come on or eventually will. As leader, I will keep all the rules the same, so there need not to be any confusion. Our jobs are as follows:

1)We are to ensure that everyone on the site is content with not having actual administrators on, and that they know we are the “Alternates”.
2)We are to approve/disapprove of any creations of a user, and will help them to make it acceptable.
3)We are to help anyone with rping problems, and or teach them to rp if the user needs help.
4)We are to help make suggestions to peoples rping, not give them negative criticism, but only say what should they do.
5)We are to look after the site, trying to keep traffic high, and the topics/forums looked after.
6)We are to be rp role models ourselves and teach everyone how to role play.
7)We are to tell everyone if something is inappropriate about there post in anyway.
8)We are to see to it that everyone gets equal attention, not if someone is your brother and care about everyone else is not as “Important” as him.
9) We are to not break the original rules ourselves, but to keep them enforced.
10) We are to have a weekly discussion about matters on the website.
(Please note the right to change the following rules at anytime.)

These are the rules of TNO to follow, not to that of an ordinary user. If any rule is broken, you will have three strikes, unless you are out for vacation or something, but that would only be good for rule 10. Please try and hang on people, as this is kinda our only hope to keep this website from actually dying.

Thank you for your time.
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The New Order
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