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 Rexona - The Conqueror

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PostSubject: Rexona - The Conqueror   Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:21 pm





Rexona is unstable to the point of near-emotional collapse. Her cruel and sadistic personality with which everyone is now very familiar only serves to mask her fragile and lonely existence. she always feels as if she has something to prove, more to herself than to anyone else, and so takes great pleasure in loudly telling everyone what she's been doing, especially if she thinks it will bring her some attention. After her "Family" died, she is left with doubt and uncertainty, constantly wracked by inner turmoil and endless questions as to the validity of her own existence. What she craves most is love, affection and guidance; in truth, she is little more than a lost and frustrated child.

Renoa, Rexona's former self, lost her heart, giving rise to Rexona herself. After awakening in a forest with no memory of what happened before she fell asleep, she wandered the forest for a year before she was captured by a group of criminals. They treated her like a dog. She did all the work and they constantly made fun of her, but these negative things produced positive consequences. She constantly worked out and gained a lot of strength. She eventually became a master Tactician. She killed her "Family" and went on to join the military. She flew through the ranks, eventually becoming a General. She won many great battles and earned the nickname, "The Conqueror" to honor her ability as a General.

Alignment: Evil
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Rexona - The Conqueror
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