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 Narora Senoku - The Silver Angel

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Narora Senoku

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PostSubject: Narora Senoku - The Silver Angel   Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:21 am

Name: Narora Senoku

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: silver hair about shoulder length. he has blood red slit eyes too that could stair through your soul (if possible).

Alignment: Good.

Personality: Narora is a well mannered Man even now.... well sometimes. he doesn't always get along with everyone. he has the kind of personality that would surprise some, and annoy others. he constantly gets into fights with friends and enemy's alike. there was a time when he loved to fight. but after an incident a few years ago, he has sense tried to avoid fighting. but now he is getting the feel to fight again. he is Happy-go-Lucky some times and has such a random personality he can be pissed one moment, and a few seconds later he can be completely normal again.

Bio:Narora from long ago was always a fighter. when he was in school he'd barely have any friends because he would fight people so much. he grew up this way when his parents died from a Heartless attack and a Keyblade was bestowed upon him. it had taken him hours. almost a day which was a feet for a 11 year old. but he was probably fueled by his rage of his parents death and Heartless transformation. but he had done it. he had killed the heartless that had appeared at his home. abet it was only 12 of them, Shadows, but he killed them none the less. But things had gotten complicated when a Neo-Shadow and Dark Side appeared.

After his fight he had managed to fight the Neo-Shadow and win, but he had taken to long and the Dark Side had used some ball like orb above his world to destroy it. he was lost in the universe until he landed on a random world that he never learned the name of. but he did find himself in a place called the "Keyblade Graveyard". Something about a Keyblade War and he found thousands of Keyblades stuck into the ground. After a few days, he was found by an old man named "Xehanort". He told him of what this place was after Narora had jumped away from the man when he summoned a Keyblade. in return, he had summoned his own Keyblade. Xehanort looked surprised and found that he was already very proficient with it in the way he could use it without any slack of its weight.

After a few minutes of fighting, Xehanort held his hand up for the fight to stop and forced his Keyblade back into the depths of his Heart. but when he walked over to talk to narora, Narora had charged forward and tried to kill him with a jab to his heart. but Xehanort, being to strong for the 11 year old, simply side steeped and knocked him out. But as narora blacked out, he heard his voice. maybe the first time sense they met. he said "Do not worry. i will take care of you..." then he lost Consciences.

He awoke again with a four people around him in a bed. he had jolted up and looked around quickly for a escape rote. but he was calmed by Xehanort when he was explained what had happened. After he was knocked out by the elder keybarer. he was taken here and has been asleep for about a day. he also found the names of the other three people in the room with him and Xehanort. The girl was Aqua, had blue shoulder hair and had a weird top on with lose/Wave sleeves. the oldest boy was Terra. a guy with black hair shaped into a chicken's butt. he mostly wore dark clothing and had an armor plate on his shoulder. and the youngest boy was Ventus. he was about Narora's hight and had blond hair. he had the same shoulder plate on as Terra too and wore a type of half and half clothing. half of it was bright and the other half dark.

after learning of what had happened, he explained to them all how his world was destroyed by the heartless, how he had killed a lot of them, and summoned his Keyblade when Xehanort had asked him too to prove his point on his Keyblade. Xehanort Acted as if he was a grandfather to the boy (though he didn't know where his blood grandfather was, probably dead or on another world) and treated him like one. and after a month or two, Narora and him were inseparable. after 2 months, he had started training with Ventus, Terra, and Aqua but always trained alone and by himself.

(i'm going to do a time skip because i don't wanna explain 6-10 years of training.)

10 years later he had passed his Masters exam and was now a certified master, but due to an unfortunate battle, he lost his memories and only remembers bits and pieces. his training memories were gone but his memories of Xehanort, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua were not. and now he travelers the worlds awakening his memories once again.

And that is what he does to this day.

Keyblader(?): Yes

I have a question about the above question/Template subject before Approval. is Dual Wielding aloud or is it not? if so, may i edit my history?
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Narora Senoku - The Silver Angel
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