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 Troxsym, The Toxin Maker.

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PostSubject: Troxsym, The Toxin Maker.   Fri Feb 12, 2010 8:33 am

Name: Troxsym
Age: 33 at the time her heart was taken.
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has a habit of wearing her hair half-up at times.

Personality: Troxsym lacks emotions, of course, but she doesn't pretend to have them. Being a loner has made her a bit callous towards others, and she is not enthused about crowds or large groups. She is a straightforward talker and refers to a lot of things with a scientific formality. She is vengeful by nature, but will not overreact. She is fascinated by mixing of different things and how the results vary with the components used. Because of this, she takes interest in the preparation of tea and other various foods and drinks.

Bio: Troxsym was born with the name Stormy and lived in the world of Radiant Garden most of her life. As a child, she was fascinated with mixing things and their reactions, which became an interest in poisons and creating them as a teenager. As she grew into an adult, Stormy studied toxins, natural and synthetic, and became a toxinologist.

Shortly after, there were a number of wildlife deaths caused by poison. While Stormy wasn't responsible for these incidents, she would be held accountable for the venom that was used, so she faked her own death and fled to Land of the Dragons. There, she worked in a tea house while secretly making poisons for vigilantes, rebels, and even the Chinese Army. She also learned how to fight using small scythes, in case the tea house was attacked by the Huns.

When the Heartless invaded, the scythes, nor the poison she coated them with helped her fight them off. Her heart was then taken, and the nobody Troxsym was created. She returned to the tea house after Land of the Dragons resettled and now uses it as her workshop, creating various types of poison and tea.

Alignment: Neutral
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Troxsym, The Toxin Maker.
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