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 Xarin's versatile Weapon

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PostSubject: Xarin's versatile Weapon   Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:08 pm

Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Wires
Appearance: Razor sharp metalic cords coiled up into thin wires capable of slicing through most materials. They are are coiled around his arms
Shape-shift/Molding: With the magnetic powers and keen mind of Xarin, the wires can take the physical forms of other objects ... ranging from swords to keyblades. They don't have the same abilities as the original, but can make a decent fake. With the power of darkness, the fakes are identical to the original (in appearance) after being molded.

Conductivity: In conjunction with Xarin's storm element, the metallic wires can channel electricity, though too much and it burns.

Techniques with:
Razor Storm: The wires coil up into spear heads and lash out with the points impaling through, initial 3 spears, rapid speed, 2 post recharge.

Puppet Master: (Target: NPCs only) by robbing them of their movement with the razor wires, Xarin can bind a heartless or nobody and take control of them much like a marionette. (can be used indefinetely)

Iron Shell: Armor of wires, incredibly tough, once broken 6 post recharge.

Background: After becoming a member of the organization, Xarin gained an elemental attribute and this weapon. He trained for several months, perfecting his magnetic abilities and razor wires till he was a skilled puppetmaster and trickster to boot. His wires cannot move independantly, and thus must be in contact with his body so as he can channel and control them.

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PostSubject: Re: Xarin's versatile Weapon   Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:55 pm

"the fakes are identical to the original

but other than that, approved.
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Xarin's versatile Weapon
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