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 Mr. MeerKat, the Meerkat

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PostSubject: Mr. MeerKat, the Meerkat   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:48 pm

Name: Mr. MeerKat

Type: Meerkat

Gender: Male

Appearance: A meerkat with black rings under his eyes and dark-tanish- yellowish fur. His tail is 10 inches long and his ears are black and point downward. His mouth looks slightly like :3

Personality: A wise, perky little creature that resembles the personality of Jack. He can follow what Jack does and usually is on his head or shoulders. Can be very serious when he is bored. Gets along with Dawn the Dog and likes to ride on her back.

Age: ??? Around 5 or 6 or 7.

Bio: A forged creature of GRAY, this guy came along when the Gray was born inside Jack. He's mostly made up of Gray as nobodies are made up of darkness. He is the first bearer of GRAY and cannot die since the darkness and light exist. Was born to take some of the Gray out of Jack so he doesn"t turn insane. Could talk, and likes to talk in every language. He is the fist of his kind and the last, unless he breeds.

Understand everything, understand life. Note: It is possible to understand everything but not learn about it. -My revelation on understanding life.

My purpose of life is to find its purpose. What is your purpose of life? -My revelation on the purpose of life.

Violence and love is better than nothing. Without war, how would there be love in the first place. We wouldn't recognize it. - My revelation on "peace".

MP- 120
HP- 100
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Mr. MeerKat, the Meerkat
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