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 Exol's Trusted Weapon

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PostSubject: Exol's Trusted Weapon   Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:56 am

Name: Kagakusha
Weapon Type: Buster Blade
Abilites/Powers: Kagashuka can repair itself at will, no matter what is done to it. It can also break apart and reform into any other close-ranged weapon that Exol is familiar with.
Techniques with:
Name: Assaulting Gears
Description: Kagashuka's many decorative gears will break off of the blade, each spinning toward the target like throwing stars. These gears can pierce through flesh and possibly even bone if launched with enough force. The gears will reform two posts afterwards.
CD: 4 posts

Name: Animated Machine
Description: This technique begins with Kagashuka being thrust into the ground. As long as it remains in the ground, Exol can control any gears that are found around the area with his magic. He uses them like throwing stars, except that they spiral and float in the air until the technique is released. It can be released at any point during its duration if Kagashuka it removed from the earth.
Duration/CD: 5 posts/ 7 posts

Name: Evolution
Description: This technique causes the weapon to break apart into several pieces, including decorative gears and the extra blade that is attached to the main one. The gears will reattach themselves to the blade, held together with magical energy. At the end of the chain of gears will be the secondary blade, creating a weapon nearly three-times as long as its original range.
Duration/CD: 3 posts/ 5 posts

Background: The blade was forged from scrap parts while Exol inhabited Radiant Gardens. Using his knowledge of steam-technology and inventive talents, he was able to craft the blade easily and imbue it with magic to allow it a rejuvenating power.
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Exol's Trusted Weapon
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