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 Keyblade of the sun

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PostSubject: Keyblade of the sun   Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:26 pm

Name: Llamas del Sun
Abilities/Powers: the keyblade can summon fire from the sun's heat and other heat sources easilly, it can also make an immense heat waves spread around theseus. and of course it can light up like a flashlight. it also can burn particles that are in any ways related to flamable material. not much damage but a little bit at a time.
Attribute: Sun/Fire
Techniques with:
Name: Tormenta que rabia del infierno
Description: This technique makes the entire area glow with heat, and also wave of fire swirl like a whirlpool around the opponent, and is very hard to put out. all Theseus has to do is say "Burst and the falmesclose in at high speed on the enemy.
Duration/Cooldown: Range is about thirty meters, and cooldown is about three posts

Name: Demonios del baile del fuego
Description: Summons ten clones of himself that are made of pure flames, and their skinn burn and can only be put out by ra level magic.
Duration/Cooldown: Duration is three times per fight, cooldown is ten posts.

Background: This Keyblade was hidden from the world by the ancient greeks of crete. they hid it in the labrynth in which they believed the minotair llived. Theseus found it while stumbling upon the pavilion in which it was hidden, while the room glowed as if it were lit by the sun god himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Keyblade of the sun   Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:41 am

Okay you get 3 techs, but I like the first tech but it is 3 posts not about 3 posts, I know that sounds technical but I am sorry.
About the secondd tech how long are the clones thier 10 posts or are they thier for as long as they are not destroyed please specify.
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Keyblade of the sun
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