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 Rosa Nathie [complete]

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Rosa Nathie

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PostSubject: Rosa Nathie [complete]   Sat Oct 17, 2009 1:05 pm

{On Rosa's backstory -- I don't want to detail it any further than what she already knows, because I'm not very firm on the concept [it's from 358/2, which I'm not yet very far into, and I won't let my brother finish explaining til I beat the game] and don't want to confuse things accidentally and open myself to a mountain of spoilers. xD But I'll PM an admin with the background on it if necessary.

{Also -- excuse my snobbery but I have to whine -- why is there no PERSONALITY section in any of the bios? O.o Are these characters not required to have quirks and inclinations outside of the combat zone? I'm cringing a little at the thought.}


Rosa Nathie [nah-thee-eh]

A few days old as she counts it, but she looks to be in her mid- to late teens.


Rosa is small and stick-skinny, with wide eyes, long limbs, and a perpetually blank expression. She is very pale, but has a certain grace depsite her somewhat awkward appearance.
Her hair is flat brown, cut short to the shoulders, except for her bangs. There are odd, very thin streaks of pale pink framing her face.
Her eyes are a flat, pale grey.
When she first became aware, she was wearing a clean white shirt and slacks, loose and rather cheap-looking. She'll probably end up in a more interesting outfit when she realizes how dirty and ripped-up they'll get.

[bio - persona]
If one is without the knowledge that one is capable of feeling, can one comprehend emotion?
If one cannot comprehend emotion, can one still feel?
If one cannot feel, how can one desire, or dislike, or form an opinion on anything but perfectly objective logic?
Lacking all of this, how is personality possible?
Rosa's personality is, as yet, unformed. She exists from a completely unbiased, objective point of view -- excepting, of course, the fact that she knows nothing. She can comprehend physical feelings such as pain, heat and cold; she understands language and can recognize a fellow sentient being for what he is. Beyond that, however, everything is completely unknown to her. She cannot recognize an attack as antagonistic or potentially painful, because she comprehends neither the concept of attack or antagonism; likewise, love is entirely unknown to her, because she has never seen it and never experienced it. Her mind is perfectly blank, waiting to be defined by the events that will occur around her.
This makes her a very malleable, even gullible creature. She would not know that someone lied to her -- would not even understand that lies were possible -- and if she came to realize it she would not care; lacking a sense of self, she will not be offended or hurt when someone slights her. She is the perfect puppet.
When she finally does develop a sense of self, however -- assuming that she will -- it is likely that she will be confused and hurt by what has happened to her. She will be possessed by a desire to learn who she is, and will be frustrated, wounded, even angered by how the world treats her. She will become very loyal to those who treat her well, but furious at those who offended her newly-developed sense of justice.
That, however, is a long way in coming...

[bio - backstory]
She was born in fire.
Fire all around, hot on her face, burning her hands, making her choke; killing her. Killing her, and she didn't even know what it meant to be alive.
Her first impulse -- her first motivation -- her first anything was to run away from it.
Cool air, stinging her face after the suffocation of the burning building. She kept running -- not knowing, not remembering how to make her legs stop -- and then her hands found a wall and she slid to the ground against it, coughing. Finally she could breathe again.
Again? For the first time?
This. This was life. She was alive. Who was she?
As if that thought had opened a door in her mind, she heard Their Voices, and she knew they spoke of her.
"This is mad. You can't get something out of nothing! She will be worse than her forebear -- an echo of an echo -- a creature with no thoughts, no memories, no motivation, no nothing. Nadie.*"
"Are we any better? Were her ancestors any better? I am not looking for nothing, I am looking for the tabla rosa -- the blank slate -- the ultimate example of a child in its perfect moment of receptivity. She will be able to learn anything and to build on what she learns. Can you imagine what we could do with someone like that -- with or without the Keyblade?"
"Oh, I can imagine, friend, but I cannot believe it is possible..."

The words faded out and she blinked, hearing them echo in her thoughts.
"Rosa," she whispered, tasting the foreignness of the word on her tongue. Perhaps it was a name. "Rosa...Nathie."
Yes. She was Rosa. And she was alive. Whatever that meant.

*"nadie" means "nothing" in Spanish. In Spain the "d" sound is often pronounced as a soft "th," and although Rosa pronounces it right, she misheard it to be a "th" and spells it that way.
**As the "voices" hinted, Rosa knows nothing and has no motivation, but she is capable of learning almost anything. That is, if someone teaches her a technique -- teaches her, mind, she hasn't got the creativity to learn just by watching -- she can learn it perfectly. I'll post this as some sort of ability/magic in more detail later. She's perfect bait to be somebody's student, as well, because -- lacking her own inclinations -- she is perfectly willing to put her talents to the tutor's designs.

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PostSubject: Re: Rosa Nathie [complete]   Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:33 pm

This sheet speaks in volumes

Approved, as of Monday, 10/19/2009 at 3:33 P.M. (GMT - 8 hours or Pacific Time[U.S. and Canada])
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PostSubject: Re: Rosa Nathie [complete]   Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:34 am

Approved also by me ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Rosa Nathie [complete]   

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Rosa Nathie [complete]
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