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 ((Don't look at until characters approved))

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Tami Tsumyoui

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PostSubject: ((Don't look at until characters approved))   Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:40 pm

Name: Wutai Pride


Designed by AznTranquility on DeviantArt, art credit goes to her.

Abilities/Powers: Wutai Pride's cutting abilities are extremely high, making blocking the attack nearly impossible. If it were to be blocked by a normal weapon the weapon would be cut in half, dodging is recommended.

Attribute: Metal/Magic

Techniques with:
1- Boomerang: A simple technique that allows the user to throw her keyblade. It will spin, slashing through anything in its path before returning to the thrower. CD- 4 posts
2- Triad: The materia found all over Wutai pride will glow suddenly. A combination of Blizzard(ara/aga), Fire(ara/aga), and Thunder(ara/aga) will be launched toward the opponent. The mana cost will be equivalent to one of the spells at whatever level it is used. CD- 5 posts
3- Vanquish: This technique utilizes both Wutai Pride's cutting abilities and Tami's speed. She will burst forward, moving past her opponent and reappearing a few meters behind them. If the opponent hadn't dodged the attack before she reappears, three massive gashes will appear on the opponent where she cut them.

Background: Wutai Pride was obtained shortly after discovering her ability to wield the keyblade. After discovering this unique talent, Tami was taken in and trained by a ninja woman who had come from her hometown as well. The keyblade seemed to have been formed by their bond, and even possibly by Tami's homesickness.

I was on a role, so I posted both while the ideas were fresh in my head ^.^"
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8th Neo-Organization-Xicode: The Dancing Blade of Truth

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PostSubject: Re: ((Don't look at until characters approved))   Wed Oct 07, 2009 11:34 pm

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((Don't look at until characters approved))
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