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 Fighting off wretched scum

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PostSubject: Fighting off wretched scum   Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:41 pm

Marluxia sees a group of pirates walk toward him as he was just strolling.
Pirate:Give us yer loot or else
Marluxia laughs Pitful creatures let me make your life a little less stressful maybe the loss of a leg or a foot my relax you
Pirate:Yer pretty cocky for a lad who has pink hair.
Marluxia faces changes to an intense
You dare insult my perfect hair you must DIE!!!!!!
Marluxia then runs toward the group then jumps as he swings his sytche as it then bounces off.
What the.......
Pirate:Haha you aren't as strong as you think
He decides to walk to Marluxia as he reaches a spot where the moonlight shines as the flesh of his body disappears and he becomes skeletal as Marluxia sees he instatly shoots a Rose spear at him as instatly he decompses.
Anyone else?
The pirates flee
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Fighting off wretched scum
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