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 Zio Arma (Re-Done and a Keyblader)

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Zio Arma


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PostSubject: Zio Arma (Re-Done and a Keyblader)   Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:48 pm

Name: Zio Arma
Age: 15-ish
Gender: Male

The wing is actually there. Guess who he is related to and is the complete opposite of.
Alingment: Good
Bio: He never understood why he was so wise. How he could talk, and his powers of magic and all of the basic spells, and then some. Many have noticed how young he looked and he doesn't even know his age. He thinks he is four since that is how long he has had his powers, he never had any trouble walking. He gained more power from his battles in the four years he has known of his own existance. He has more powerful skills than most mages, and his offensive up close is semi-decent, for a mage.

From what he has learned from the rumors that circulate about him, is that he used to live on a glacier world, and his parents sent him away before he died of Hypothermia. They also apparently wiped his memory so that he couldn't try to return to the place. He lives on a beach paradise call the Destiny Islands, and has been trying to figure out how to travel to another planet. He has no idea of what he is in for.

The Recall:

Soon after re-obataining his staff, his two weapons turned into keyblades. Suddenly, he became the age he is now. He remembered what his whole history was. When he was younger, he turned a whole civilization into ice. This was cause by a rage so great that he actually reversed his aging and sealed it into the staff he wielded and a moster that survived wanted to keep his memories from him. As it turned out, his brother, Sephiroth, had killed off the rest of their family to obtain the power he seeked. Zio lived because he had a disease that caused him to be weakened and Sephiroth left him to die. However Zio aslo obtained some of the power Sephiroth gained and it all burst forth curing the disease and causeing Zio to un-age. After regaining his staff and slaying the monster the staff was completely changed. So now, Zio has regained his memory and uses his power to hunt down his brother, he is the other wing of the One Winged Angel.
Keyblader(?): Yes
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PostSubject: Re: Zio Arma (Re-Done and a Keyblader)   Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:17 am

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Zio Arma (Re-Done and a Keyblader)
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