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 Alias; No name. No home. Just pain...

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PostSubject: Alias; No name. No home. Just pain...   Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:28 pm

Before we begin, I would just like to point out that he is a heartless. Just putting that out there in case you read what I've written under his appearance and everything else and don't understand. I'm just that kind of guy Smile

Name: Alias

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Alias is about 5'11 and has a slightly muscled build. He wears a plain white t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. Unlike Sora, he doesn't find the giant "clown-like" shoes fashionable, so he prefers to wear a pair of black converse. He appears to be a normal 16 year old boy, but what the photo that I have posted doesn't show is the other side of his face. Because. On the right side of his face, there is a jet black mark over his eye and it covers the area around his eye as well. And very un-like his left eye (which is blue), his right eye is a bright yellow. And directly under his eye, there is a jagged bright red cut, a scar, but it seems to have kept the colour of the blood that he spilt.

Bio: Alias lived a normal life with a normal family. There was nothing amazing about him. His father was no great war hero, his mother wasn't the most beautiful woman of all the worlds and his brothers simply worked in a mine. He lived simply, but happily. Alias was the kind of guy that anyone would be lucky to have in their group of friends. He was funny, honest, gentle, kind, happy all the time and he would be able to make a joke about anything and in any kind of circumstances. He was also extremely open-minded. His friends and the people of the world he lived in grew very fond of him, but he was only interested in the attention and affection of one thing, well, of one person. A girl to be more specific. He loved her and he was loved in return and everything was good in his life. But one day, suddenly, everything changed. There were sightings of a single strange shadow-like creature in the world, and soon after it was spotted, the rumours kept accumulating. On that same day, the girl felt that she no longer had feelings for him and left him for another. Alias was devastated and lost himself completely. He locked himself up in his room for days; days spent crying and wondering why. Then when he emerged from his dark chamber, he seemed different. You could still see the sadness on his face and the weariness in his eyes, but he seemed stronger, determined almost. But the biggest change was the shadow that grew on his face. No one knew what it was or how to get rid of it, but Alias didn't seem to mind. But his friends and loved ones did mind. He wasn't the same golden-hearted boy that they knew from a few days ago. He didn't smile, he didn't care to make anyone else smile and he barely even spoke. He just gave everyone the same stern, blank look. Little did everyone know, but he had succumbed to the darkness in his heart. During this time, while everyone was worried about him, the shadows grew in numbers and engulfed the entire world. The world and her people were in terror. Screams and tears flowed out from every corner, and Alias was completely un-affected. As that world was being destroyed and taken into darkness, the girl that he loved lost her new lover. He was nowhere to be found. Alias suddenly appeared out of a dark portal in front of her, blood on his hands and face, and all he said was "...I'm sorry..." as tears rolled down his cheeks. Now, its said that hes been seen in Olympus Colosseum wielding some strange dark weapon, accepting challenge after challenge and winning. But the reason why there are so many that wish to fight him is because there is a lot of mystery surrounding him. The rumours say that those who challenge him never come back out of the ring. They say that if you fight him, you will lose your heart. But what really catches the attention of the people is that as you're fighting, you can see tears in his eyes and sadness on his face. No one knows his name, thats why he's called Alias, he can be whoever you deem him to be. The only words that anyone has ever heard him say during his time at the Colosseum are: "How can you win something from one who has nothing to give you?"

Alignment: Neutral

Sooooo yeah. Thats it for now. If theres any kind of problem at all, please let me know and I will be sure to fix it ASAP! :D And also, I'm going to put in a tiny RP sample as well about what happened to Alias during his solitude, just not this very moment because I kind of have to run. But I hope to hear good things so far!

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PostSubject: Re: Alias; No name. No home. Just pain...   Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:35 pm

Okay, I approve.
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Alias; No name. No home. Just pain...
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