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 Blades of Violent Nature

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PostSubject: Blades of Violent Nature   Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:58 am

Name: Blades of Violent Nature

Weapon Type:Dual Katana

Appearance:Two Katana, ones blade is green symbolizing wind, its hilt is brown with accents of black symbolizing earth, the others blade is gold symbolizing the sun or fire, its hilt is blue with accents of white symbolizing water. Both blades sheaths are pink symbolizing cherry blossoms a type of plant.
Abilites/PowersThe katana have the power of controling the power of Wind, Water, Earth and the Sun(Fire) all needed to makea plant grow. In an ironic way Zexshin uses them to destroy life aswell instead of its orginal purpose which is only to help plants grow, that is why they are called the Blades of Violent Nature as opposed to Natures commmon harmony. This Harmony is used for violence against his oppenents by combining them into attacks to compensate for them having weaker power then a single elemental wielder would.
Techniques with:

Blazing Fireball- By combining the power of the two blades Wind and Fire, Zexshin increases his speed immensly for an instant so he can get close to his oppenents, the fire covers his body increasing the damage he gives. At the end of this technque he will attack with his swords with in a crossguard if he is about to attack. This can also be used for defence to get away from something.

1 post length, 3 post cooldown.

Ice Cascade-Using the power of his Water hilt and the power of his Wind Blade, Zexshin cools down the water he is about to shoot with a svere wind chill and shoots a powerful blast of ice at his oppenent, those hit by it besides the damage of hitting a blast of ice, will get close to hyperthermia and will be slower to move.

1 post length 3 post cooldown

Mud Slide- By using the power of his two hilts of Water and Earth, Zexshin makes a torrent of mud fall down from the heavens. those caught in it exept himself willl slow down temporarlyas welll as take a little damage., After the shower Zexshin will coat himself in it weaking attacks that hit him by 25%.

1 post length for shower, 3 post length for slowdown time and shielding, 5 post cooldown

Background: After joining the organization, Zexshin made these weapons from his own being, he uses his skill in kendo as well to augment the power of these blades. He considers thema work of art as well. Some of the organizationmembers may consider it to unthreatening for battle but he does not care.
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PostSubject: Re: Blades of Violent Nature   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:32 pm

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Blades of Violent Nature
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