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 Daedran, fuser of magic and science

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PostSubject: Daedran, fuser of magic and science   Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:07 am

Name: Daedran

age: 27


appearance: I'm tall and skinny to an unhealthy degree. I have long scraggly black hair, along with a long lab coat. my glasses are broken on both sides, and I have many scars and burns. think of a scientist who walked out of an explosion and hasn't bathed in a couple weeks.

alignment: neutral leaning towards good

bio: I was an ordinary kid until a strange hooded figure taught me in the ways of magic and science. I then only desired nothing more than to gain more knowledge and test it. I would have been content until my home world was consumed in the battle at hand. this battle has captured my attention and would be a perfect opportunity to test my strength. While I do not support the ongoing destruction, but I see no need to give assistance unless necessary. I've found a possible trait of orichalcum that may have a significant effect on the ongoing war. I just need a perfect sample...As a side note, while I'm normally a calm, steady person, I easily get caught up in a battle and become temporarily insane with severe mood swings and a sadistic nature due to voices in my head.

keyblader:I am capable of wielding one, but I don't know that myself

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PostSubject: Re: Daedran, fuser of magic and science   Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:43 am

Okay apperance please
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Daedran, fuser of magic and science
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