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 Voidheart and Defiler

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PostSubject: Voidheart and Defiler   Fri Aug 07, 2009 7:10 pm

Name: Voidheart
Weapon Type: Long sword *wields with one hand*
Appearance: A long sword with a cross like golden hilt with a black gem in the center as well as a black blade

Abilities/Powers: While wielding Voidheart Rios's running speed and jumping distance are greatly increased *not ridiculously though*


Dark Shift: Rios throws Voidheart at his opponent upon impact or in midair he suddenly teleports to to the sword, sometimes he may just miss on purpose in order to get behind them or close in quickly

Dark tendrils: Rios raises his sword into the air a large black sphere forms above it which explodes into multiple black tendrils that spread out around a large radius, does light damage but can be difficult to dodge

Background: Voidheart was a blade Rios obtained upon gaining his current form, even does not really know where it came from but it is most likely a memoir from his previous life giving a clue he must have been a swordsman of some type or another, for now it serves as a useful tool until he creates Defiler

Name: Defiler *Artificial Dark Keyblade*

Abilities/Powers: Like Voidheart while wielding Defiler Rios's running speed and jumping distance are greatly increased, whenever Rios strikes an opponent with defiler he regains a small amount of health *the stronger the attack the more health regained, but not ridiculousy of course* lastly like the first dark keyblade it has the power to unlock the darkness in people’s heart.

Attribute: Darkness *duh*

Corrupted Blood: Small dark tendrils emerge out of the keyblades hilt, these tendrils suddenly stab Rios allover his arm and shoulder and bulge for a few seconds as if it was pumping something into him, at first nothing happens but one will realize its effects AFTER Rios takes damage, upon taking melee damage the wounds caused will give rise to small black worm-like heartless with wings that will fly out of the wound and attack the attacker, this causes damage to the attacker *damage depends on the attacks strength weak attacks will cause weak damage back, moderate to strong attack will both cause moderate damage* it also has a chance of stunning an opponent if he/she attempts to fight them off *though he/she could ignore them and keep going for Rios* Lastly while corrupted blood is in effect by wounding himself Rios can direct the heartless to attack an opponent of his choosing and cause low damage while stunning his opponents leaving them open for an attack.
*Corrupted Blood lasts for 5 post and has a 5 post cooldown*

Dark Vortex: Rios Holds Defiler in front of him and opens up a large swirling black vortex capable of sucking up nearly any type of projectile or ranged attack, upon absorbing it at a time of his choosing Rios can reopen the vortex and send the attack right back at them or at another opponent. *Damage depends on the damage of the original attack* Rios can also use dark vortex to teleport around the area in battle or to another location.
*Dark Vortex has a 3 post cooldown if weak attacks are absorbed, a 5 post cooldown if moderated attacks are aborbed and a 6 post cool down if strong attacks are absorbed, cooldown starts AFTER Rios releases a stored attack or uses it to teleport *Teleporting results in a 5 post cooldown*

Dark Tendrils: *An ability it retained after transforming Voidheart into Defiler* A large black Sphere appears in front of Defiler which explodes into multiple dark tendrils which can either be spread out in a radius or all directed at one opponent, causes low to moderate depending on how many tendrils impact the opponent. *4 post cooldown*

Background: Even though Rios had Voidheart, he did not seem particularly satisfied with it. He had heard whispers in the darkness of something called a "dark keyblade" something Rios took interest in. he set about searching for the rumored weapon but turned up nothing, then he heard that a dark keyblade does not exist naturally but is in fact created, upon hearing this Rios went to multiple worlds tracking down bits and pieces of information. After much searching Rios did finally learn the method of creating a dark keyblade but encountered a new problem, the last dark keyblade was created from 6 of the 7 princesses of hearts something Rios could never obtain however he decided to instead attempt to use a combination of his own darkness, Voidheart’s essence, as well as an even larger number of hearts *to make of up for the princesses of heart* because of its imperfect creation Defiler has the exact same flaws of the first dark keyblade.

*Honestly I kinda expect this to not get approved as I think Defiler is way to much and its techniques sound more like they belong in the spell section, and I suppose I deserve a bonk on the noggin for unoriginality, but nothing ventured nothing gained*
*In the hypothetical situation where it does get approved I was thinking Rios starts with Voidheart then creates Defiler later *basically rp out the gathering of information and hearts needed for its creation* or simply scratch Voidheart entirely and start with Defiler or scratch Defiler and just give Voidheart one more technique *its basically supposed to serve as a placeholder*

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PostSubject: Re: Voidheart and Defiler   Sat Aug 08, 2009 7:15 pm

Since you have good enough skills in literature, we will let you have two weapons.

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Voidheart and Defiler
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