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 Rios the Heartless of Deceit

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PostSubject: Rios the Heartless of Deceit   Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:00 am

Name: Rios
Age: Rios is a liar who lies a lot! Don't believe anything he says about his age *or anything else* as it is most likely a lie, even if he says the previous lie was a lie and that the last lie was also a lie and always remember the cake is DEFINITALY a lie... *Basically looks somewhere between 15 or 16*
*This is pretty much the closest thing I could find to his appearance so I will point out some differences* First the dark blue on all his clothing is black, second the yellow lines on his jacket, pants ect are white the red on the inside his jacket and sleeves are black *sensing a pattern?* the red on his pants and shirt are gray *except for the *belts* there black* oh and no keyblade. also the structure of his pants are different as the bottom where they end are open not tight around his legs *there also ripped at the bottom* as for everything else like the heartless emblems there the same


Personality: Rios on the outside can be described as wild, unpredictable, somewhat childish, and something of a coward running the second things get bad or when confronting an enemy simply swarming them with heartless minions to do the fighting for him while he makes a getaway or simply watches from a distance. However anyone who knows Rios, or fought him before know that it is simply a mask he wears, inside Rios appears to be much smarter and stronger then he usually lets on. Rios's *fake* cowardice is his way of assessing his enemies strengths, weaknesses and personality usually when first encountering a foe he will simply run off or let heartless minions do the fighting for him so he can gauge there strength and tactics, Rios will fight himself after he is sure of his opponents strengths and weaknesses or has no chance of getting away


Rios's does not seem to remember much of his previous life before becoming a heartless, infact he spent most of his time as one of the simple mindless ones before actually gaining the form we see today. Nevertheless it’s a pretty obvious fact that Rios does not seem to have time, patience, nor real motivation to go hunting for the secrets of who he was. Truly his goals are pretty simple...the gathering of hearts to increase the ranks of the heartless and out of pure instincts....kingdom hearts
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PostSubject: Re: Rios the Heartless of Deceit   Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:21 pm

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Rios the Heartless of Deceit
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