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 To Find a Library

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PostSubject: Re: To Find a Library   Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:13 am

Naraca walked in the gummi ship and looked around, confused on where he should sit. He shrugged and sat down in the weapons station since he did not really know where to sit exactly. He kept his hands on his lap and looked at his hands that wearing the Gilgamesh gauntlets so he couldent see his real hands but the metal that covered them. He then heard Kimiko ask where they should go. "I...." Naraca thought about it for a moment and realized that he dident really know where he was headed or what he was doing for that matter. He remembered talking to Daedran about stopping the Neo-Organization and next thing he knew it he was paired up with these two. Naraca then remembered that he was going to speak to Axis the key blade weilder about something.

"I need to speak with Axis...Last i heard he was in Neverland....We need go there" Naraca said in a slowly and in a quiet voice. He thought about all that he would have to do and how he was going to be in many life or death battles with Heartless and Nobodys. It spooked Naraca a bit. If he was fighting that Rios guy one on one he might gotten hurt or worse if it wasent for Ace,Axis and Kimiko. Naraca closed his eyes and cleched his fists with a powerful girp. To be honest Naraca was scared he really was. Behind all that muscle and physical power he was afraid of dieing. He dident wanna die and he dident want to have everyone he ever known die because of the organization. For a spilt second Naraca wanted to just quit and go home and just forget about this. However...He knew that that just wasent possible now. He had to stand, he had to fight he just couldent give up no matter what. Naraca hands then rested and he opened his eyes and turned his head to Kimiko. "Let's go to Neverland" Naraca said with his voice now in a strong tone and Naraca smiled at Kimiko as he said those words.
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PostSubject: Re: To Find a Library   Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:26 am

Kimko smiled back, nodding a little before messing around with some nobs and such to close the door. Since Ace chose silence they would head to Neverland, "Alright then, Neverland it is. Buckle up, or something." She said as she took off the landing gear and took off. She would fly quickly towards Neverland, not really being privvy to Naraca's thoughts nor thinking anything similar herself. She prefered to occupy herself with more positive thoughts.

(OOC: I totally started the new thread in Neverland, cuz I could and I was bored)
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To Find a Library
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