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 The Puppeteer’s Guard

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PostSubject: The Puppeteer’s Guard   Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:40 pm

Name:Name: The Puppeteer’s Guard

Weapon Type: Axe

(the axe, not the person.)
Length: 6’4’
Weight: 50 lb.
The axe has a rounded bottom capped with a small round piece of metal, the handle is a long slender round piece of wood, though it is so finely polished that most mistake the handle to simply be another piece of metal.

The blade it’s self, sits a few inches above Xaros’s head when he wields it. The front part of the head is a piece of steel that curves towards the back and in the back the blade curves inward, allowing the user to gain great momentum with a simple swing.

Abilities/Powers: This axe is mainly used as a defensive weapon for Xaros , though it can be used as a medium for Xaros summoning (meaning he summons them into his axe before he transfers them into his body)

Techniques with: (none at the moment)

The Puppeteer’s Guard was originally forged as a broad sword for a young courageous man that wished to protect his home from the heartless. The blade was used in many important battles, the man was considered a hero in his world. This all changed one day, When the man decided to travel and help other worlds fight the heartless. His campaign was cut short by a powerful intelligent Heartless, Who managed to break the sword into pieces and impaled the young man. The pieces of the blade were placed on the young man’s tombstone by his comrades.

The blade remained on the gravestone for the next few generations, this is until one of the young man’ descendants found the pieces and had them forged into a pole ax, much like it’s current form. The youth met a quick demise when he foolishly charge Castle Oblivion in search of revenge. The ax was then taken and wielded by an organization member, who eventually came to be Xeros’s master, before Xeros’s became an empowered nobody. Upon devouring his intelligent heartless counterpart, Xeros turned on his former master and slaughter him, taking both his Weapon and his robes.
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PostSubject: Re: The Puppeteer’s Guard   Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:02 pm

I approve.
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The Puppeteer’s Guard
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