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 Xicode: The Dancing Blade of Truth

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8th Neo-Organization-Xicode: The Dancing Blade of Truth

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PostSubject: Xicode: The Dancing Blade of Truth   Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:35 pm

Name: Xicode
Age: Looks 14 but is about 90
Gender: Male
His face is usually less stern looking but he hates pictures. XP
He was a happy-go-lucky kid who got in over his head, he thought that he could fight that heartless... he was dead wrong. He lived peacefully in twilight town, but he made a bet that he could last a night in the haunted mansion, he didn't expect to need his weapon, but he was also trained with his weapon at the time. He never had experienced such power before.

As he became a nobody, learned that he was supposed to be evil. The other nobodies called him weak and almost killed him on several occasions. Then he learned of a method to boost his power suggestably. He had to heart his own heartless. It wasn't too hard to find himself though. He was the only other heartless in the mansion. He did have to go through a bunch of other Nobodies to reach his other half. When he ate his other half he completed himself and obtained his old human form. However, his heart when he was alive was strong with emotion and he couldn't understand why.

He tried to train away his emotions by beating down several boss level heartless but couldn't shake them away. He just thinks he did. He thinks that when he is being evil that he is making friends, and the sick feeling in his gut after killing another being, is his power growing greatly. He will soon learn the truth and change his ways.

He carries around his weapon always having it out since he hasn't learned how to summon it out with his element. He has strange nightmares every now and again.

Alignment: Evil (Will soon be good though)

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PostSubject: Re: Xicode: The Dancing Blade of Truth   Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:38 pm

Kind of sloppy but I swee where your going, but you will have to be really old then.

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Xicode: The Dancing Blade of Truth
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