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 What has happened

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PostSubject: What has happened   Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:02 am


Sora and his friends have just defeated the Organzation members. They thought that all of the fighting was over and that everything was solved untill another group called the Neo-Organzation started their attack on Sora and his friends. When Sora found out that he was not the only one who could carry a Keyblade he then seeked to find them. The war begain with 20 Keybladers and around 15 Neo-Organzation members. After 30 years Sora and most of the Keybladers were killed. Now 150 years later some new people have found that they could wield the power of the keyblade, while some want to destroy it. Two of the Keybladers are Aeon and Axis.

Some members of the Organzation do still live, but only few survived.

What shall become of their fates? Shall they be the ones to lead the world? Or shall they be lost in darkness?

The Neo-organization has reformed from the ashes of the previous organization.

Due to an unexplainable situation and some rather random rules of space travel, the time past on the other worlds was far less than that of Destiny Islands. So ... for every 30 years past, 1 year came through for some worlds.

Currently, Destiny Islands is a calm and peaceful world ... free from darkness. The ruin and remnants of the war past is gone ... forgotten. (As all worlds are the same, free from Darkness after the events of Kingdom Hearts 2).

The nobodies ... have fallen into a decline, the heartless have faded.

But ... now, after 180 years ... the horizon begins to blacken ... memories of the past are slowly recounted ... and a war that was thought to be over, would begin ... perhaps once more.
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What has happened
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