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 New to RPING?

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PostSubject: New to RPING?   Fri Jun 26, 2009 12:04 am

Okay, welcome to our nice little forum that I like to call home. My name is Axis, and I am one of the 3 admins. on this forum. IF you are new to the Post by Post game style, or if you have trouble with it, I will explain how to create, so to speak, the story of your character.

Okay, First: You are the narrator of your character. You talk in 3rd person and only 3rd person, this takes out you, I, me, my, UNLESS!! your character is speaking. To have you character speak type in bold You can do this by using a [b] and then one that looks like this [/ b], but without the space between the "b" and the "/", and also you can make your character think with italics witch is [i] and then a [/ i], and the same thing no space.

Second: If you are having trouble about what to say, then put what you character feels, how he/she fells, and what they see. What the area looks like that they are in, or what the weather is like. These are easy and common things that you can use to start off a post. Also, we have pets, which can not attack in the RP, you can talk about your pet and what they are feeling too.

There are many options of what you can do to your animal. I would like, if possible for Xarin to give some pointers as well.
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New to RPING?
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