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PostSubject: Beo-Angelo   Sat Jun 20, 2009 3:00 am

Weapon Type:Gauntlets and feet things
Abilites/Powers:when Koeon makes contact with organic compounds they become poisiond with a powerful nuerotoxin.It targets the all thesences.Sight is blured to a point of near blindness. Felling intensified to a point where the slightist bristle causes intence pain.Taste is maipulaed to tast like festering fungus covered roting eliphant with severe soriosis flesh.while smell and hearing are comepletely gone. for each hit landed the effects last one post.Koeken is impervious to all poision based attacks.
Techniques with:
Nerve Shater:Koeken gets in close as the power of hes gauntlest pour into his eyes allowing him to see his opponents key nerve points.He then strikes them with the nails of his gauntlets intensifying the effects.
Viper strike:Koekon takes a firm stance,aims his arms at the target, and fires multiple rounds of poision filled nails at it.
Acid Shockwave:Koekon Charges up power in both his gauntlets and one after the other sends two, the second bigger than the first, waves of acidic poision at evrything in front of him.Leaving the ground covered in a acidic ooze.
Background:Obtained after defeating giant poisionous snake demon.It melded with his skin and became his most powerfull weapon.
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