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 Chaos,Sword of Shadows

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PostSubject: Chaos,Sword of Shadows   Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:04 am

Name:Chaos,Sword of Shadows
Weapon Type:Sword
Abilites/Powers:When Loki makes contact to any living thing with his sword it steals a part of their life force(10 mp).As long as Loki has possesion of his sword his wings can regenerate.Loki is immune to darkness based attacks.Light bassed attacks are weakened in his presence.
Techniques with:
Dark viel: Loki charges up dark energy on the tip of his blade in a sphere.this takes about two seconds ant the sphere is about seven inches in diameter.Loki then swings his sword and turns the ball into a cressant slash.It causes medium damage from a distance, and large damage from up close.It then slowly rots away the area or the surface it made contact with.
Dark Volly: he may jab his sword sending the ball of energy at the target of his wishes.Loki can control the direction of the sphere.The energy ball flies swiftly through all non organic substances and fuses with the first organic substance it comes in contact with.It then quickly causes intense pain by melding with the nervous sysem of the hit area.This pain lasts one two posts.
Dark Realm:When Chaos is not in Loki's possession it returns to the shadow realm untill it is called by Loki.
Background:At the age of seven Loki returned home from the village of Johhnath to find his house on fire.he then saw a dark entity walking out of the flames holding his father by the neck.He tried to yell but was paralized by fear.He stood and watched his father pairish at the hands of this man.His legs gave out and he fell to the ground crying.Hours later after the fire had gone out and the the man who took away everything he held dear had dissapeared.He arrose to find his home gone, his mother and father murdered, and his brother Osirus missing.All that remained is his father's sword,still stuck in the the corpse of his farther.He grabbed the sword and pulled it from his father's body. he then fell to hi knees.Crying, he vowed to take revenge on evreryone and thing.Once that was done he would be sure that whoever killed his family had perished.It was then,Chaos bonded with his body and mind.Creating a being that could forge darkness with his mind.He immediatly began training.To this day only one has survived his blade.His best friend,Alexander Fateless.the person he plans on saving for last.As for now his mission is posponed.he is searching for his brother, so they can have the revenge they rightfully disserve...
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos,Sword of Shadows   Sun Jun 21, 2009 7:00 pm

use some spaces, when it's all clumped up like that it's difficult to read. other than that, throw some limit on your control of the sphere and you're good.
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Chaos,Sword of Shadows
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