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 Thade's Engimatic Arms

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PostSubject: Thade's Engimatic Arms   Sat Jun 06, 2009 5:39 am

Name: Axe of Hellscream
Weapon Type: Broadaxe. (Usually a two-handed weapon. Thade can weild it with one hand.)
Appearance: See picture at bottom of page.
Abilites/Powers: Imbues the wearer to swing and run faster than normal. (Not God-like fast.)
Techniques with: Can be thrown. Thade always knows where it is. Its bonded with him.
Background: See story below. Enjoy. :D


1. Hellgrom's Axe:
When Thaden was a child, he watched his father lead men into epic battles. At this point Thade was just a innocent. On Farstride's Raid, right before almost all the Mireans (Thade's people and Mire, his homeland.) were killed. The Farstriders had enslaved most of the Mire's Men, making them slaves. And leaving the Women and Children fend for themselves. Thade's father was outraged by this, and there numbers were rapidly decreasing. So Thade's father gathered up what little warriors and men they had left. (Including Children, like Thade.) And led them all into battle against the Farstrider's. It was nothing but pure bloodshed, and most of the blood being spilt was that of the Mire. Everybody but a few wounded soliders and Thade lay dead on the ground. Thade just being a mere child of the age 15 barely knew how to weild the claymore his father had crafted for him. Thade was approached by a huge mutation of a man, that stood almost 7 feet tall, with long gangly limbs. The creature laughed at him and spit on his face, then one of the Farstrider's warriors ran towards Thade, blade ready. Thade quickly looked up to see the man charging him. Waiting as the man charged him, Thade lifted the claymore up just as the man got 4 feet away from him, impaling the man. The creature-mutatation-thing; Hellgrom, looked and then laughed some more. Hellgrom - "Ah, hahaha. Maybe finally a being of the Mire that doesn't belong with my boot on top of it. Men, Let him live. Take him into our town, make him a slave, put him with the other trash." He snarled.

Thade woke up in a cage. For the next 7 years of his life, he did gruuling work. Work that not even the poorest of peons would do. He mined in the mines, on 15 hour shifts. Then they put him in the Noxious Swamps; swamplands with poisonious gas clouds. And made him collect Doomberrys. He never slept more than 6 hours a day. He eventually built up immunity to sleep deprivation. His body was built strong by all the slave-labor he had to do.

Two months later, Thade got tired of all the opression, and while working in the mines. He swiftly took a pickaxe to one of the Taskmasters. He looted everything off the Taskmaster, making himself look like a Taskmaster also. Then set out into the town. Off he went to the Throneroom of Hellgrom, the cruel mutant man that killed his father 7 years ago. He approached 2 Royal Guardsmen at the door.
Guardsmen 1: "State your buisness. Now."
Thade: "I have important news from the mines, for Master Hellgrom."
Guardsmen 2: "Fine then, You'll have to go in unarmed. We aren't taking anymore chances with you people. *Grunt*."
Thade: "I though that in training they always taught us to stay armed. Period."
Guardsmen 1: "Aye, they did. But that still doesn't matter for you, sir."
Thade: "Let me through, Now."

Thade gives them a fierce stare, and they move aside.
He enters a room filled with gold axes, swords and shields all pinned up on the walls. They must have cost more than all the money he'd seen in his life put together. Opolent rugs lay on the floor, embroidered with gold also. The stone tile clanked against his boots as he approached Hellgrom, The bringer of Pestilence.

-"Name your purpose, hastily."
-"To finish something that started years ago."

Thade pulled the Taskmaster's blade out of its sheath and swung a chopping blow at Hellgrom. It caught Hellgrom with the essence of suprise, barely being able to act he caught the blow with a dirk, after it had already cut a quarter inch through his neck. Blows were exchanged, each of them met with a parry, sparks flew of the blades as they 'chink'd'. Hellgrom, realizing that a dirk wasn't going to work against this man, which he had realized as Thade. Hellgrom picked up his axe. The axe that had slain over 2,000 of the Mire, and who knows how many of any other men. As Hellgrom turned to pick up his Legendary Axe, Thade shoved the blade of the shortsword into his neck. Then turned the blade, decapatating Hellgrom. Then he took his boot, put it on Hellgrom's back and pushed until his sword was free from the corpse. He looked around. Nobody. Thade picked up Hellgrom's axe, and head. Then walked out of the city. Shouts of anger, rage, fear, and nervousness accompanied him out of the city. Hellgrom's axe was staying with him, as a constant reminder of what has happened to his people. And how unfair the world can be. He moves on.

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PostSubject: Re: Thade's Engimatic Arms   Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:02 am

2. Durdyn's Cutt-Throat Talons

Name: Durdyn's Cut-Throat Talons
Weapon Type: Fist Weapon: Claws.
Appearance: See picture at bottom of page.
Abilites/Powers: Given to Thade by a Warlock and a Friend. Made from Thaldite: Indestructable Metal, and easily sharpenable.
Techniques with: Claw Weapons. Fist weapons.
Attack Speed: Very Fast.
Background: See story below. Enjoy.

It has been 2 weeks since Thade escaped from his imprisionment. He has been wondering the plains of Halloweenville for weeks. No water. No food. And hardly any sleep. He is on the brink of death itself. Stumbling back and forth, rambling to himself hysterically; he drops on the ground.

"Er...Come on Thade.. All those hours in the mine and you can't handle this... ha..hahah...hahahaha"
"hahahahaahahah-- ha- hahah- hahahah- hahahaha-"
Thade passes out.

He awakes in a hut in the plains. Although it seems hes moved out of the plains and into the desert, for, for miles around there was nothing but dust and wind. No hills, no mountains, no green, no water.
A man in a purple robe approached him with a leather flask of water, gave it to him, then removed his hood; revealing a withered man of what looked 60 years old. Bony, veiny, with eyes popping out of his head. This was Durdyn.

Durdyn: "Hrrrmmm.. I see that your awake."
Durdyn: "We don't get very much people around here. he-hah-hehe, Well, I don't get very much people around here. What is your name."
Thade: *gulp-gulp-gulp-gulp* "Who are you, what the hellk are you doing here?" *Raspy Voice*
Durdyn: "Well, you see my name is Durdyn, and I'm a Warlock. Been a warlock for 90 years. Comes with its perks....but people call ME CRAZY. Hee-ha-hee-ha-ha. The world is a crazy place, friend! All of em!!!"
Thade: "I see, Thank you for the water, and shelter; but I must be on my way.."
Durdyn: "Heehahaheehahehahahaha!!!!....and they called ME CRAZY!"
Durdyn: "You can't go out there, even in the condition your in, you need bed-rest, my friend. Oh! And by the way, when I found you I saw you were being robbed by some desert hobgoblins...little bastards.. took mostly everything but the axe...they were too weak to pick it up."

Thade looks down and sees that he is dressed in a robe similar to the one Durdyn is wearing.
Great...maybe I'll catch some of this guys psycho...

Thade: "Where is my axe?!"
Durdyn: *Jumps* "Relax friend! It's over there in the corner." *Points to the corner of the room.*
Thade: "How do you get all your water and provisions out here? Why do you stay this wasteland."
Durdyn: "Well...the world outcast me! Just like they did you. for provisions...I'm a warlock.. Duh. I conjured all this water, and i conjure most of my food. Simple. The water was conjured from India, and the food is from.. well.. Scottland! hee ha ha hee he ha!"
Thade: "I see...I need out of here...and soon."
Durdyn: "I know, i know, i know, friend. But right now you need rest. Sleep, eat and drink; get better. I'll help you when its time. Relaaaxxx."

4 days later.

Durdyn: "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Its time!!!"
Thade: "Er...what...?"
Durdyn: "Word has it those people from the village you left are after you! They want you dead! And they already want me dead...sooo...lets get the outta here.. NOW!

Thade jumps up and gathers his belongings. Durdyn gets a elegantly bound box from the closet and opens it. Then pulls out a pair of Katar-Claws, and gives them to Thade.

Durdyn: "Take theese with you, they'll fend off anything that will hurt you in the desert... and... i've put a few enchantments on them myself. They'll ward off things you don't like. Now leave. Go northwest, to an encampment. Once you reach the jungle it will only be about 10 miles from there. Ask for a guy named Jerhim. Now GO. Go!!!! I'll meet you there, I'm taking an alternate route!

They both leave.
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PostSubject: Re: Thade's Engimatic Arms   Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:35 pm

Um well okay approved!
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PostSubject: Re: Thade's Engimatic Arms   Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:04 am

Thanks, axis. Check out my char now plz.
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PostSubject: Re: Thade's Engimatic Arms   Sun Jun 21, 2009 7:26 pm

hmmmm hellgrom's axe... sounds awfully familiar but I can't remember where I saw it.
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PostSubject: Re: Thade's Engimatic Arms   Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:03 pm

lol, Grom Hellscream's Axe is in Wow. :p
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PostSubject: Re: Thade's Engimatic Arms   Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:16 pm

ah yes, that's what is was, I'm not too familiar with the WoW lore.
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PostSubject: Re: Thade's Engimatic Arms   

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Thade's Engimatic Arms
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