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 Ranora's Axe- TailBite

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PostSubject: Ranora's Axe- TailBite   Fri May 29, 2009 8:14 pm

Name: Tailbite, Axe of Tauren Warrior Kismuth

Weapon Type: Greataxe, usually weilded with two hands.

Appearance: See Character Creation picture for appearance.

Abilites/Powers: Strength Amplification- Tauren Warrior males appreciate having the heaviest weapons they can find. With an axe that weighs almost two hundred pounds, there is an enchantment to help it be lifted and swung; however, it is still slow when swung due to size and still formidable weight. Enchantment passes to the one touching it.

Techniques with: This weapon is used sparingly, only when Ranora's claws and teeth don't cut the bread, so to speak. She can do the normal slashing movements with it, nothing special. The only thing that may have any relevance is a Pike-Spin. The head of the axe is buried into the ground, and she would use it as a level to swing around and strike with the feet.

Background: This weapon was stolen from the tauren warrior Kismuth is a rather amusing case of snatch-and-run. Kismuth is a large Tauren male, in the far eastern Marl Plains or Stormnexus. He is Huntmaster of the elite Alliance Scouts. As a test to join the Demon Alliance, Ranora was sent on a nearly suicidal quest to steal this very weapon. Using cat-like sneaking and stalking skills, she snagged the weapon while the large bull-like Tauren male slept after certain unspeakable actions. Shehas kept it for nearly three years, and is onlynow getting to be proficient.

~ Tic-Tock Kit-Kat
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PostSubject: Re: Ranora's Axe- TailBite   Fri May 29, 2009 8:17 pm

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Ranora's Axe- TailBite
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