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 Gilgamesh The Greatest melee weapon

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PostSubject: Gilgamesh The Greatest melee weapon   Wed May 27, 2009 12:51 am


Weapon Type:Guantlets and greaves

Appearance:Look at pic

Abilites/Powers:Gilgamesh is capable of increasing Naraca's strength 3x what Naraca's original punching/kicking power is and these weapons can also be charged up to increase the power of the punch or kick but once charged the charged hit only lasts for one blow. for a full charge the gilgamesh must be charged for 3 seconds order for it to be charged completly.All the power of Gilgamesh is generated from a small peice of metal shaped like a pair of wings (the the part that looks like the head one the pic). one the feet of Gilgamesh there are the palm sized discs one both sides of the greave and the each disc is placed one both ankles on the greave and when charging the discs spin at incredible speed provide a cutting saw that makes each kick a deadly one. The discs only spin during the charging time of Gilgamesh.

Background of Weapon: Gilgamesh was forged when Naraca was 16 and these were made since Naraca cannot and will not use magic nor can Naraca summon any creatures. Naraca choses not to do this since Naraca belive that when fighting you should use only your own abilitys and a ture warrior doesent require the aid of magics. Naraca realized that he wouldent stand much chance agaisht anyone if he were to just fight bare handed without the aid of magic or summons so Naraca and his father made Gilagamesh. Once put one Gilgamesh can make the user 3x stronger then any normal human and the powers of Gilgamesh Increase as the user gets stronger. Naraca built this so that he could still be a strong fighter and not use magic or summons.

(i figured this would be a fair weapon since i wont be using magic or summons and will focus only on my physical abilitys)
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PostSubject: Re: Gilgamesh The Greatest melee weapon   Wed May 27, 2009 3:43 am

I like the idea of a purely physical fighter. approved!
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Gilgamesh The Greatest melee weapon
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